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General Conditions:

Responsibilities of Funds: The Community Foundation will transmit a check made payable to the institution of higher learning chose on or about August 1 of each year. The transfers will be in accordance with applicable regulations and laws governing such funds.

​Responsibilities of Board: 

A. The successful student recipient will be selected in accordance with the selection criteria identified in the Agreement.

B. The Community Foundation of Carroll County shall administer the program in a prudent financial manner and the funds may be commingled with other funds of the Community Foundation of Carroll County. 


The complete application package must be completed and submitted by May 1 of the current school year for consideration.

Fund Selection Criteria:

A. FUNDS will be awarded to a Nominee who meets the following criteria:

1. The student will be a member of the current WHS graduating class and have played on a sports team within the last 2 years.

2. The student will have been accepted at an accredited college, university, or continuing education facility.

3. The student will have demonstrated the personal characteristics, as listed above.

4. All applicants are required to write a 250 word or fewer essay on why they believe the nominee deserves this scholarship.

B. The administration of the FUND shall be as follows:

1. The recipient(s) shall be nominated by a coach, teacher, parent, or peer associated with WHS. Nominations will be reviewed by the Tree of Friends Advisory Committee and their choice(s) shall be presented to the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation of Carroll County for final approval. Donors reserve the right to make the award presentation.

2. The money shall be transmitted by the Community Foundation of Carroll County directly to the desired college, university, or continuing education facility, and applied directly to the student's tuition and books. The monies shall not be remitted to the FUND winner.​​

The Dylan Rodgers Scholarship ($1000) will be awarded to a senior graduating from WHS with the same character and dedication to sports embodied by Dylan Rodgers. Coaches, teachers, parents, and peers will nominate deserving athletes based on attitude, camaraderie, friendship, and sportsmanship. In fact, it will be this character that will be recognized; not athletic or academic achievements. In addition, the nominee will have shown compassion and respect toward others, built and maintained positive rapport with those around him/her, and exemplified dedication on and off the field. In addition to the scholarship, the Tree of Friends Foundation will also donate $250 to the recipient's choice of local charity, in honor of Dylan Rodgers.  


Purpose: ​The purpose of the Dylan Rodgers Scholarship is to honor his memory by providing a scholarship each year to a high school senior graduating from Westminster High School (WHS) in Carroll County, MD, who distinguishes him/herself as a true sportsmanship athlete.

The Dylan Rodgers Scholarship


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