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The Tree of Friends Foundation venture started as a gentle glow…you know, the kind of warmth you feel during those perfect conversations among friends that leave you feeling connected and inspired.  We are a group of buddies cresting the point in life where the daily grind and struggle to make ends meet starts to give way to searching for a purpose…then bringing it to life.

It was during long runs together that our ideas were born and began to take shape. In those honest times, when your heart pours out as you struggle to catch your breath, we quickly passed through current troubles and issues and began to discuss all of the things we’re grateful for …life, love, happiness and healthy children.

In the end, what led us to create this Foundation are the common goals of challenging, supporting and inspiring each other to compete in physical tests of endurance while raising awareness, applying our collective volunteering resources and meeting the financial needs of meaningful causes in our local community.

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Our mission is to address humanitarian needs which are not currently being met or are under-served within the Carroll County Community. By utilizing an established donor base and growing the network, the Tree of Friends Foundation (ToFF) will operate as an educational liaison to bring awareness to the current community need (established yearly or in response to a local tragedy) through various activities including, but not limited to, hosting events, providing services, offering goods and recruiting members in a fun and active environment.  The proceeds of these activities will serve to aid in the financial relief of the current need.